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Strapping Machine

This industrial strapping machine dispenses, tightens and seals polypropylene while packing or bundling. The machine automatically tensions strap and joins the ends with a secure heat weld. Once the strap is inserted, the motor automatically gets switched off. The machine have stainless steel strapping surface. Our range includes industrial strapping machine, table strapping machine, box strapping machine, plastic strapping machine, steel strapping machine and ball top..

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Carton Sealer Machine

Carton sealers are case equipment that seals the top or bottom of a case with tape or glue. Typically, the minor corrugated flaps are kicked and plowed closed as the cases are transferred. As the cases enter the compression section, the major flaps of the carton are closed and a hot-melt adhesive is applied.

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Wrapping Machine

Technical characteristics and performances have been refined and improved by YOUNGSUN, according to years in the pallet packaging machinery manufacturing experience. All of the using materials are of high quality and the high technical standards for all mechanical and electronic components merge with highly efficient and precise assembling and testing procedures; this leads to the high performance production, safe and durable products. ROTOPLAT stretch wrapping machines have always been synonym to reliability, easy use and maintenance, and most of all, to strict compliance with safety rules and standards..

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Robot Palletizer

Industrial palletizing refers to loading and unloading parts, boxes or other items to or from pallets. Automated palletizing refers to an industrial robot palletizer performing the application automatically.Robot palletizing can be seen in many industries including food processing, manufacturing, and shipping.A robotic palletizer is able to handle heavy payloads and have large horizontal and vertical reaches that allow parts to be palletized from varying distances..

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Strapping Tool

The complete line of youngsun Strapping Tools including Steel, Plastic, Battery, Pneumatic and Manual strapping tools for packaging equipment..

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